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Fish North Supporters


Fish North is a big-money competition for match anglers of all standards.

The qualifying matches will culminate in anglers progressing to a Semi-Final and then a Grand Final, ultimately carrying a potential first prize of £12,000. This match is to be filmed for a highlights video and will also be covered live on Facebook on the day.

The competition takes place in the Yorkshire area, one of, if not the largest catchment of anglers in the country. Qualifiers will be held across different venues, with the semi-final and final to both take place on the custom-built Arena Lake at Forest Lane Fisheries in York on the 13th September 2024.

3m x 1m Banner

The banner will be positioned inside the perimeter of the Arena Lake at Forest Lane Fishery, the venue for the Semi-Final and Final. Your banner is printed on great-quality 440 gsm weatherproof PVC stock. The artwork is included within the package free of charge, or you can supply your own design.


We will add your logo and company details throughout the posts we put out on our social media channels Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.


Your company will have a logo positioned at the top of the home page and also have a section within the supporters area with links through to your website. To see an example please visit the supporters area here.


Your company logo will be added to all videos that we produce where these are featured on Facebook and added to our YouTube channel.

Fish North is the brainchild of Forest Lane Fishery owner Eddie Gregory, who has ploughed £150,000 into his new doughnut-shaped Arena Lake.

“We have a lack of big money match qualifiers in this part of the country,” said Eddie.

“There’s no problem with the quality of anglers up here but people have to travel a long way to prove themselves. Not anymore! And if the Southern and Midlands anglers would like to come up and take on the North on its own doorstep then they’re very welcome too!

“I built the Arena with an event like this in mind. It’s been stocked for two years with 20,000 carp so you can imagine the catch rates! The actual lake is very TV-friendly and there’s even space for grandstands if we needed it,” said Eddie.

What others are saying?

“The Fish North 2021 sponsorship was a no brainer for me, it represented a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Hyundai, Fiat, Jeep and Seat product range of vehicles to an audience that quite simply is tailor-made for a motor dealer. This is evident by the car parks at fishing venues every weekend around the country, that is full of estate cars SUVs and vans.

All the heats where very well organised and we had product placement at each one, for anyone thinking of sponsoring next year this is a fantastic and very high profile event, which has given us exposure through facebook, youtube and social media in general. All of these mediums have had our company name all over them.

SG Petch are obviously not from the tackle industry but this sport is the largest participant sport in the world and the benefits have been unbelievable for us and our connection with this event. So we are really looking forward to 2022 and I can only think that this event will get bigger and even better each year.”

Shaun Burke - SG Petch Ltd - Sales Director

If you would like to take advantage of this fantastic package so that we can start pushing your company through all our marketing and social media activities, please contact Barry Zimmerman on 07805 254007 or send an email to with your number and company details and we will give you a call to get things moving.

Once your order is placed, we will get to work on putting your company details on the website and work with you on the material for your banner.

Fish North enjoyed a hugely successful first year with almost every qualifier selling out. The Semi-Final was fantastic, but the final was nail-biting. The response we have had for our first year has been overwhelming.

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