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Arena Lake

The Arena lake was dug in 2016 with the aim of providing a lake that was equally as fair as possible. With this in mind, the lake was dug in a doughnut shape with a central island.

Key Facts Depths & Contours


There is roughly a 2m flat bottom coming out from the central island that is approximately 2ft deep, this was to allow all anglers to have a safe zone for a method feeder.

From the 2m shelf the lake slopes down at 45 degrees to a channel that at its deepest is around 7ft deep

From the peg, it slopes out at 45 degrees leading to the central channel.

Most edges are roughly 18″ to 2ft deep with a very short shelf before it slopes down at 45 degrees.

The stocking of this lake is purely Common and Mirror Carp with up to 20,000 stocked at around 3″ in size when they first entered the lake in 2017. Over the course of time before this lake had anyone fish it over 16 tonnes of food was fed. The lake had its first anglers fish it on a practice match for the Fish North semi-final on August 2019. It then was fished a week later and this followed with the Semi-Final and Final of Fish North. It is now open but is only fished as a Match Lake, no pleasure fishing is allowed, this lake was dug purely for Open Matches.

The fish range in size from 8oz up to 2.5lb (as of October 2019), and we expect a lot to be around the 1lb+ mark on average for the next Fish North event in 2020.

Average weights are anything from 80lb through to around 150lb+.

The lake will close around the end the March 2020 for regular weekly open matches and will then move to an open taking place approximately once a month. The lake will then close a month before the Semi-Final of Fish North and two practice matches as per 2019 will take place for those who have qualified.

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